Abaad Studies & Research Center (Abaad) is a non-profit organization that has a license from Yemen's Social Affairs Ministry No. (436) issued on October 18 2010. It focuses on politics, intellect, democracy, election, political parties, terrorism, freedoms as well as economic and social issues.

The center conducts development and training programs, strategic studies and research, field surveys, questionnaires, political analysis and media reports.

It carries out training and development activities and media researches through holding conferences, seminars, training workshops, group discussions as well as issuing magazines and periodicals. It also work through online websites and social communication media.



  • Participating in providing strategic visions decision-makers towards different issues
  • Issuance of periodic reports, researches, strategic studies and future prospection, particularly in the field of thought, politics, media as well as economic, social and military aspects.
  • Studying and analyzing issues and crisis, particularly political and security issues, and proposing solutions and tackles.
  • Conducting surveys and questionnaires on public issues and updates which affect Yemen's political situation.
  • Participation in raising awareness for Yemen's civil society politically, socially and intellectually, in particular for youth and women.
  • Creating dialogue forums for those who have political, ideological, social, and regional differences and conferring different views.
  • Raising awareness on strategic issues that are important to Yemenis and decision-makers.
  • Training and qualification in the field of politics, thought and media.