Yemen in 2018: Between War Economy and Pursuit of Death

عربي PDF Introduction: The Houthis carried out a coup against the power in September 2014 and took control of most of the country before the intervention of the Arab Coalition at a request from

Cost of the Coup.. Postponed Retaliation

    Introduction The Houthi militias are taking a costly and dangerous route as they continue to commit crimes against Yemenis, and increasingly targeting civilians as long as they hold t

2014: 7,000 Yemenis killed , Houthis control 70 % of the state army capabilities

  A report prepared by the Abaad Studies and Research Center said that 2014 was the “year of bitter harvest” because the political power transition failed and peaceful choices gone a

safe separation is hard to be achieved in the short-term

A report by the Abaad Studies and Research Center said that the Yemenis in the south feel that it is their chance for self-determination and disunity from the north. They believe that their celebratio

2011..Abaad’s Report: 2,443 killed since the eruption of Yemeni revolution

Abaad Center for Studies and Strategies has released a report on the developments that have been taking place since the outbreak of the protests demanding the departure of the regime of President Ali