The Allies War in Shabwa between the Dream of Secession and the Lust for Gas

عربي PDF  Introduction        The Shabwa Defense Forces and the Giants Brigades, which are loyal to the UAE, took control of Shabwa governorate in eastern Yemen, and ex

Reflection of US Withdrawal from Afghanistan on Yemen’s War

عربي PDF Preface:        In a chaotic scene described as a historical defeat, the United States of America withdrew from Afghanistan on August 31, 2021 after 20 years of occ

Yemen’s Socotra ... War of Influence in the Indian Ocean

عربي Introduction[1] Since the UAE has arrived on the governorate of Socotra Archipelago[2] in 2016, it put most of its efforts to control the strategic Yemeni island that is close to the strate

Political transitions in southern Yemen.. From dream of unity to fragmentation

عربي PDF   Summary: The research deals with the most important political transformations in southern Yemen in the period of (1990-2020). In its preface, this research addresses the south

Russia’s return to Yemen

 عربي  PDF   Introduction:      The Yemeni-Russian relations go back to 1928. The Kingdom of Yemen (Mutawakkilite Kingdom) was one of the first Middle East countr

American Dangerous Game with Houthis and Saudi Arabia

عربي Introduction ،، Yemen is at the bottom of the US foreign policy agenda, and in most cases is attached to its Saudi policy agenda   ،، The war in Yemen faces a n

Yemeni Socotra.. Under the UAE Occupation

     PDF عربي   Preface: The United Arab Emirates, the second force in the Saudi-led Arab Coalition against the Houthis, sent military troops to Socotra Island in the Ind

Conflicting proposals in south Yemen: Separation, autonomy and federalism

Abstract: The Southern Movement [SM] has changed the face of southern provinces of Yemen since it emerged in 2007. The movement was formed due to suppression and intimidation by the former President

Parallel State Entities.. The illusion of Sectarian Emirates in Yemen

This study confirms that any future political settlement that ensures the remaining of a Houthi parallel military and administrative entity within the future Yemeni state will bear the seeds of failur

Absence of government armed Houthi existence behind Al-Qaeda expansion

  A news analysis released by Abaad Centre for Studies and Research has said five factors supported Al-Qaeda existence in Rada’a of Baidha governorate: First, planning of expansion in the s

Saudi-led Arab Coalition and terror combating

  bstract: This paper focuses on military operations by the Arab-led Coalition against the Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) in southern provinces of Yemen. It highlights impacts of thos