Suicide Drones... Houthi Strategic Weapon

2019-02-03   قراءة: 163

 Suicide Drones... Houthi Strategic Weapon-PDF

Open scenarios:

• Sanctions against Iran are expected to be tightened to a complete ban on the possession of drone weapons technology and a ban on the Saviz ship, which is believed to provide logistical services about this technology to the Houthis.

• Companies producing remote control engines should know the need to develop strict control systems on their products similar to control systems for sophisticated weapons. Saudi Arabia is expected to do so in cooperation with the United States.

• The arms market will witness a qualitative development of the advanced defense systems that catch drone planes and boats before they reach military targets. The arms market will also witness an economic revival due to the high demand of this defense system.

• Companies for producing drone weapon maybe established in poor countries by multi-purpose groups and organizations, so weapon in the future will be the technology of drone weapon. Future wars will not depend on expensive weapons, but on digital expertise and technology.



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